Platinum Tipi is a collaboration between Stillframe Storytelling and Mr. Haircut with the event production and design ideas of Suzanna Ritz. The concept is to throw a party and invite a large group of progressive musicians interested in creating something new and unique, hang out, play music and record the whole event at the direction of master videographer Daniel Fox Johnston of Stillframe. The first event took place in winter of 2018, and featured a huge cast of amazing players.

// Watch the video and listen to the album below //

Platinum Tipi 1

Space camping from the distant past. Vintage astronaut. Surrealist science. Interstellar frisbee. Time travel Nintendo. Pan-dimensional drum circles. Poly-ocular sunglasses. Platinum Tipi. Space-time half-pipe. Kiddie-pool wormhole. Extra terrestrial ham sandwiches. Now it’s the Future®️

platinum tipi og.jpg