Vintage Astronaut

Vintage Astronaut is made up of three of the most virtuosic musicians in the artistically fertile northern southeast region of the United States. They play progressive jazz that incorporates deft musicality with modern electronics and fusion chops, providing a high-energy, jaw dropping concert.

John Daniel Ray is revolutionizing the paradigm of bassist with his harmonically dense six-string bass technique, as well as incorporating computer elements into the sound and control of his instrument. Jonathan Greene (drums) is widely respected among other drummers as one of the foremost experts on polyrhythms and polyrhythmic training. Every member of the band is schooled and seasoned in classical and jazz, and has worked in the music industry as top sidemen and session players. With this project, they combine their deep knowledge of performance, dance grooves, and musicality while pushing boundaries in every way with their compositions and on their individual instruments.

// John Daniel Ray, bass

// Jonathan Greene, drums

// Michael Kinchen, keyboards


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