Join Courtney Branch and John Daniel Ray every 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon for a mind-body centering yoga class accompanied by chill live electronic music. This 60 minute class will guide you into a moving meditation with breath, sound, and asana, incorporating intentional movement into a dynamic and creative flow.
After class stay for a brew or coffee beverage of your choice!

Bring a mat and comfortable clothes. Class is open for all levels.


Courtney Branch

Courtney believes that yoga can take many forms but that a daily practice of perfected asanas has its indisputable benefits. She was first pulled to yoga in 2005 because she heard of its physical and mental effects on the body and mind. She was hooked after the first class where she realized that this really was more than a workout and had layers of depth to be explored. After years of Bikram yoga she moved to California were she practiced with several teachers at Bryan Kest’s Power yoga studio and with Guru Jagat at RAMA institute. Courtney has taught yoga since 2012 and has since then been in developing roles for several W-S yoga studios. She is a dedicated teacher and student that creates a comfortable space for all people to develop a basic knowledge and understanding of yoga. You can expect creative flows and mindful variations in her class. People enjoy it most because of her soft energy and the fact that they will always be doing something new. Courtney enjoys all 5 branches of yoga and actively tries to incorporate each into her daily life. She has studied and taught various styles for a variation of people including power yoga, vinyasa, kundalini, meditation, and restorative yoga.

John Daniel Ray

John Daniel Ray is a progressive bassist and composer from Winston-Salem, NC. He specializes in using computers to augment his bass and voice in an improvisatory setting. He is passionate about improvised music, but is also a prolific and forward thinking composer and producer.

John plays with his original band RKIII, a progressive jazz/electronic project that pushes the boundaries of what live music can accomplish by utilizing computers as improvisational tools and incorporating electronic sounds into live performance. He also performs regularly with his band the John Ray Trio, playing his original progressive jazz compositions, and he produces and hosts a podcast called Mr. Haircut with renowned drummer Jonathan Greene. John has produced many albums, arranged music for various ensembles including string quartet, handbell choir and voice choir, composed commissioned work, and teaches improv clinics to middle school students.