Episode 3.x – The Hard Part

On today’s episode we have the fabulous Matt Sickles, aka. the Hard Part. He’s used to go with a faux hawk, but has recently shifted to a hard part to minimize setup time, and he usually plays the hard part on guitar with his many bands. Including, as we have recorded here, Mr. Haircut. We got some pretty nasty improvisations this episode, and some deep, inspiring, thought provoking, raucous conversation. I wrote out a script for Matt to follow, but once again, forgot it at home… so this episode is improvised. I think my squirrel already chewed on my script for next week, so we might have to improv that one too. You are in for a treat– biscuits, grandma guitars, speed picking, and cross sticking all make an appearance in this week’s Mr. Haircut.

Here is a video of our first improvisation of the morning; I think we titled this one ‘Out of Time,’ a reference to the license plate on the car in Back to the Future. 

Throughout this episode, I used a live recording of our band Hifi-Wifi playing John Coltrane’s Giant Steps at a live show in Winston-Salem, NC. This is Jonathan and I on bass and drums with Daniel Seriff on guitar.