Mr Haircut.
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Recent Projects


The Adventurer

This is John Daniel Ray’s newest single, featuring virtuosos Michael Anderson on keys and Chaisaray Schenck on drums. There is an amazing video by Stillframe Storytelling accompanying this tune.

Vintage Astronaut

This is the first full length album of John Daniel Ray’s original compositions with a quintet of his favorite musicians in the world. The purpose of writing these tunes was to create a new standard catalogue of music that could be pulled out on pick-up gigs.


Noobious is a video game music cover band led by prodigy pianist/composer Michael Anderson. Chaisaray Schenck and John Daniel Ray round out the trio.

Microwave Homies - 2 Much Cops

Sometimes you got too much cops you don’t need. Check out this badass trio featuring Michael Kinchen on keyz (Vintage Astronaut, Marvelous Funkshun), Kassem Williams on drum (Ernest Turner, dope session player) and John Daniel Ray on bazz (Mr. Haircut).