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Episode Four-Teen - Season 3 Preview

Join us as we hop on the Star Truck and set off to explore the world of Mr. Haircut season 3. This is a short episode featuring your favorite co-hosts John Daniel Ray and Jonathan Collin Greene, a couple of nice microphones and one (1) upright bass. Also featuring a live improv track from RKIII, John and Jonathan’s electronic project. The first full episode this season coming soon!

**Be careful, there is a closeup of a beard in the video, and the sound of eating. If you’re sensitive or feint at the sound of biscuits, please turn off your radio now**

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Episode Twelve - Mystery Mike

Who is the man with no haircut? We haven’t a name for this one. This one slides through the universe with no haircut at all; slipping, squeezing through tight, funky spaces; inside the pocket, outside the harmony, implying chord changes where only diatonicism existed before. For the purposes of podcast, we shall call this one: Michael Kinchen. Michael joins your super podcast team Jahn and Jo’Nathan to talk about jazz, improvisation, and vocoders.

This episode is brought to you by our proud sponsors at CorpCo® “Where Corp is Our Way of Saying Hello!”

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Episode Elevensies - pt 2 with Blake Richardson

The long awaited conclusion of Jonathan’s interview with Blake Richardson, drummer for Between the Buried and Me. If you’ve ever wondered how to be casually laid back, definitively cool, and also an extraordinary badass, listen to this man speak. Our very own badass drummer Jonathan Greene interviews Blake on topics such as practicing, touring and balancing relationships, and then brings the whole thing back to the studio so John can give a bassist’s perspective and make inane comments for your listening pleasure.

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Episode X - Breakfast Time

What Time is it? 1:25 pm. Nope! It’s Breakfast Time, all the time, every Time. In this episode, John and Jonathan talk to Michael Anderson, breakfast hero and piano virtuoso, about this new project Breakfast Time. The conversation spans from cats, kittens, tigers, all the way to Bartok and quantum computing, and in the midst of the rambling conversation they make some great music together.

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Episode 9.5 - The Void Between Real Episodes

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve released an episode, but we’ve got lots of excuses! Just listen to the variety and voracity of our excuses. Jonathan had this one excuse that was so avoidant that it brought tears to my eyes, and I daresay I’ve had a number of truly stunning excuses in the past few weeks, excuses that would make certain politicians blush and excuse themselves.

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Episode 86’d - Meta Noobs

Holy heavy ‘meta’ Batman. Crimefighting is hard work, so when Mr Haircut is in need, hometown hero Blake Richardson answers the call with superhuman chill. The cast of Mr. Haircut covers it all with breathtaking minute-to minute commentary, interrupting the hero and a version of Jonathan from the past, because time travel.

Jonathan Greene takes the lead on this episode. Jon and John interview the interview with Blake Richardson, drummer for Between the Buried and Me.

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Episode Sevensies - Emotive Energy pt 2

Ryan Hsu, guitar wizardrer of the Fruit Smoothie Trio, Papa Panda and the Bamboo Shoots, and Nylon Lion graces us with his masterly presence on this second episode of our Emotive Energy series. John tries to convince Jonathan that there is some kind of communicative energy hitherto unexamined by science that connects all living things and communicates emotion between musician and audience. John calls it emotive energy, and tries to define it while Jonathan bashes him in the head with fists of logic and Ryan tries to mitigate the damage by expounding on John’s idea and then beating Jonathan with his spiritual nunchucks . Here it is.

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Episode 6ex - Emotive Energy, pt 1

Ryan Hsu, better known as Ryan, the guy from Fruit Smoothie Trio that plays the guitar, brought us coffee this morning and we invited him to talk with us about one of the most serious topics we’ve discussed this month. It just so happens Ryan is a guitar player, and so he brought his guitar and ring modulator pedals into the studio and we grilled him about his deepest, darkest fears, basic philosophy and worldview, and hair color. 

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Episode $4,050,612.99

Matt Sickels, aka The Hard Part, is our guest this week. We feature the second half of our conversation with him (check episode 3.x for the first part of the Hard Part) and Extra Special event today is the release of our new tune, Tidal Motion at the end of the podcast! We talk and jam in the studio with Matt for a while, about topics ranging from our cover bands to penguins to sex. Sometimes all three.

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Episode 3.x – The Hard Part

On today’s episode we have the fabulous Matt Sickles, aka. the Hard Part. He’s used to go with a faux hawk, but has recently shifted to a hard part to minimize setup time, and he usually plays the hard part on guitar with his many bands. Including, as we have recorded here, Mr. Haircut. We got some pretty nasty improvisations this episode, and some deep, inspiring, thought provoking, raucous conversation. I wrote out a script for Matt to follow, but once again, forgot it at home… so this episode is improvised. I think my squirrel already chewed on my script for next week, so we might have to improv that one too. You are in for a treat– biscuits, grandma guitars, speed picking, and cross sticking all make an appearance in this week’s Mr. Haircut.

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Episode 1.2 – The Fat and the Furriest Deux

In this episode John lays down some thoughts and a gripe or two about bass solos and players who are scared to step out of their little boxes, while Jonathan uses his calming voice and giant black-man hands to soothe the irate bassist. This episode includes several nice improvisations from the studio and a great track from a recent concert. Be prepared to have your inner ears tickled.

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