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Episode Sevensies - Emotive Energy pt 2

Ryan Hsu, guitar wizardrer of the Fruit Smoothie Trio, Papa Panda and the Bamboo Shoots, and Nylon Lion graces us with his masterly presence on this second episode of our Emotive Energy series. John tries to convince Jonathan that there is some kind of communicative energy hitherto unexamined by science that connects all living things and communicates emotion between musician and audience. John calls it emotive energy, and tries to define it while Jonathan bashes him in the head with fists of logic and Ryan tries to mitigate the damage by expounding on John’s idea and then beating Jonathan with his spiritual nunchucks . Here it is.

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Episode 6ex - Emotive Energy, pt 1

Ryan Hsu, better known as Ryan, the guy from Fruit Smoothie Trio that plays the guitar, brought us coffee this morning and we invited him to talk with us about one of the most serious topics we’ve discussed this month. It just so happens Ryan is a guitar player, and so he brought his guitar and ring modulator pedals into the studio and we grilled him about his deepest, darkest fears, basic philosophy and worldview, and hair color. 

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