Episode 4 Squared - Sweeeeet

**+—+** If you have small children in the room with you, please hold them up to the speakers so they may hear closer *+**

Mr. Haircut; your favorite children’s books, read aloud by a bearded psychologist in a sweater accompanied by improvisatory free jazz.

Masterful speaksmanship defines this rugged portrayal of a story loved by 7 billion people.” - New York Times

“Gripping; a pants-wetting, knuckle shredder of a wild ride!” – Vin Diesel 

“I thought I knew a fair amount about caterpillars; I’ve even got a phd in lepidoptery from Cornell. But these guys blew me away with groundbreaking thoroughness!” – Some Douchebag Lepidopterist 

“I have not authorized this public reading, and frankly, disgrace, of my work.” – Eric Carle 

 “This tv show’s got more swear words than a rapper with fire ants on his balls” –  Duke Ornston 

Just when you thought you were safe, Mr. Haircut comes out with a brand new episode that will redefine the way you eat sandwiches. Join the team as they interview Ryan Macleod and Michael Anderson for the last time ever. Ryan is a psychologist and guitarist for Cashavelly Morrison, and Michael is a virtuosic pianist and composer and leader of Noobious. 

It’s Episode 4. SQUARED.  

Narrated by Duke Wilbur

Ryan Macleod; narration

Jonathan Greene; drums

Michael Anderson; keys

John Daniel Ray; bass, computer

Episode artwork by Michael Edward Ray