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Episode Twelve - Mystery Mike

Who is the man with no haircut? We haven’t a name for this one. This one slides through the universe with no haircut at all; slipping, squeezing through tight, funky spaces; inside the pocket, outside the harmony, implying chord changes where only diatonicism existed before. For the purposes of podcast, we shall call this one: Michael Kinchen. Michael joins your super podcast team Jahn and Jo’Nathan to talk about jazz, improvisation, and vocoders.

This episode is brought to you by our proud sponsors at CorpCo® “Where Corp is Our Way of Saying Hello!”

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Episode X - Breakfast Time

What Time is it? 1:25 pm. Nope! It’s Breakfast Time, all the time, every Time. In this episode, John and Jonathan talk to Michael Anderson, breakfast hero and piano virtuoso, about this new project Breakfast Time. The conversation spans from cats, kittens, tigers, all the way to Bartok and quantum computing, and in the midst of the rambling conversation they make some great music together.

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