Episode 9.5 - The Void Between Real Episodes

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve released an episode, but we’ve got lots of excuses! Just listen to the variety and voracity of our excuses. Jonathan had this one excuse that was so avoidant that it brought tears to my eyes, and I daresay I’ve had a number of truly stunning excuses in the past few weeks, excuses that would make certain politicians blush and excuse themselves.

This is a filler episode, just so you don’t forget about your friends Mr. Haircut. John and Jon discuss a few new projects we’re working on and we bring you, once again, Tidal Motion for your listening pleasure. Check it out for free on the podcast, or download it from your favorite music-listening service. 



Jonathan Greene, drums

John Daniel Ray, bass

Matt Sickels, guitar

Produced by John Daniel Ray

©2019 Mr. Haircut