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Episode Four-Teen - Season 3 Preview

Join us as we hop on the Star Truck and set off to explore the world of Mr. Haircut season 3. This is a short episode featuring your favorite co-hosts John Daniel Ray and Jonathan Collin Greene, a couple of nice microphones and one (1) upright bass. Also featuring a live improv track from RKIII, John and Jonathan’s electronic project. The first full episode this season coming soon!

**Be careful, there is a closeup of a beard in the video, and the sound of eating. If you’re sensitive or feint at the sound of biscuits, please turn off your radio now**

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Episode 9.5 - The Void Between Real Episodes

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve released an episode, but we’ve got lots of excuses! Just listen to the variety and voracity of our excuses. Jonathan had this one excuse that was so avoidant that it brought tears to my eyes, and I daresay I’ve had a number of truly stunning excuses in the past few weeks, excuses that would make certain politicians blush and excuse themselves.

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